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Hello, I am looking into purchasing Light-O-Rama. I currently own some Lumenplay string lights. Does anyone know if these lights could be controlled with the LOR controller? I’d love to be able to use what I already own along with any new equipment. 

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Lumenplay strings can't be controlled directly by LOR (because the Lumenplay controller uses Bluetooth, and LOR doesn't), but it may be possible to use a 3rd party device, like an E6804, but you'll need to cut the wire that connects the stock Lumenplay controller to the string, and then you need to figure out which RGB pixel chip is used in the Lumenplay bulbs. I couldn't find this information online, so it may be either that:

  1. No one has gone to the trouble to figure this out; or
  2. They use a proprietary chip, in which case you're out of luck.
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