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Pasting from One Open Sequence to a Separate


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At my old house, I had a song that was completely programmed.  I moved, and need to redo the sequence to fit the new house.  When I open both the old sequence and the new sequence, and copy a particular timing in the old sequence, it will not let me paste into the new sequence.  It pulls from the clipboard of the new sequence.  How do I do this and save a ton of time?  I used to be okay at programming, but after taking a couple of years off I definitely need a refresher course!

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Are you sure you're copying from the old sequence?  

Sometimes I've done that, make sure you select the part of the sequence you want from the OLD sequence, then open the new sequence and paste.  If you're doing it correctly, it should not be taking anything from the new sequence at all.  As whatever you just selected SHOULD overwrite anything currently in the clipboard.   I was inadvertently copying from the new sequence when I thought I was copying from the old one into the new.

And if you used the same name, but saving in a different location, that can really mess you up too.   I'd add NEW to the end of the new sequence I was working on, that way I know the OLD from the NEW and then copy from my old sequence to the new one.   Once completed, then I'd rename the new sequence by deleting the "NEW" off the end of it. 

Or I will now create my sequences with the year preceding the name, i.e. 2018 Wizards of Winter, that way I know 2018 is this year and anything other than that would be an older sequence to copy from. 

You need to create a system to know old sequences from new ones, and stick with it.  This way you won't get confused and think you're copying from an older one, when you might be copying from the new one.

Hope this didn't sound too confusing.  But I was making these mistakes often enough until I created a system that worked for me.

Good Luck.


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