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Got my first complaint about traffic to my display


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Well this past week I learned a harsh lesson about the power of social media. Don't post your show on Facebook.... I figured I would get the word out but did not realize just how much of the word would get out. It got over 500 shares within 2 days and traffic has been extremely busy (worse than our Christmas display). Although it made me extremely happy when somebody came by and said that they saw the post and they drove an hour and a half to get here to see the show. I have to admit the singing pumpkin face this year is the absolute highlight and that's what everybody is coming to see. Thank you @dibblejr for all the face sequences. I can't begin to tell you thank you enough you really helped me out this year.....

Sure we all like people enjoying our display but we honestly had no idea how quickly it would get the word out on Facebook. Lesson learned, It ticked off one of the nasty Neighbors on the Front Street. Of course she pulled the no parking in the grass card even though my house faces a vacant lot overlooking the pond and it has never been an issue. But she can see the lot from her backyard.

Just trying to keep the peace with the neighbors, luckily the ones that live around me don't complain and actually sit out and have fires and watch my Halloween and Christmas lights but the old grouchy lady up-front finds every reason to complain about anything and this month I am her Target since her yard faces where all the cars park. luckily my hoa president had my back and pretty much told her pea off. Out of 100 homes in the development she is the only one that complained but yet had no issue with it the last 3 years. She's all pissy now because the hoa hired Trappers to remove all the Muscovy ducks that are considered a nuisance in Florida according to the FWC. All the other people in the neighborhood actually walk down with their kids and grandkids  at night to come see it. So to keep the peace I removed all recordings in the show and signs asking people to park across the street. Even though they still do, the HOA said I did my part and none of them have any issues with my display and it brings enjoyment to the community and makes people want to live here. not to mention I also volunteer with the h o a when it comes time to help the elderly couples or families living in the neighborhood that just can't afford to do yard work or cleaning up their property. it's pretty sad when even the H O A members don't get out there and do stuff like that but we are the first ones who go out and help the hoa president when needed and we are renter's until the sale goes through. (Our landlord is selling us the house in 2020) 

Needless to say all is well and the HOA has my back. The President and Vice President both said they appreciate my display and the vice president's wife absolutely loves our displays. But word to the wise do not post your show on social media as it could go viral unintentionally and cause a stir with your neighbors. If one good thing came out of it, the HOA and community both have my back and voiced it to me. They say I am not breaking any rules whatsoever and they cannot enforce anything about my display as it falls under freedom of expression. As long as it is not gruesome offensive which it is not ?

here is a couple preview videos the first one is the most recent the other two were taken before everything was set up.





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It’s awesome to see my faces working with someone else’s show.

Great job.

Yeah last year Aug 2017 the local magazine did a story about my show

Ttaffic was a pain but the City was warned- absolutely no complaints

My neighbor adjacent from me even cleared some trees so people could back in and watch

Thanks for sharing


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Awesome and i am super happy to see a ranch style house display! Looks like a sequence i would like to do.

May i ask how many channels you used? I havent purchased one yet.

Thank you

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Great display, I can see why your getting lots of visitors, definitely worth the drive, thanks for sharing. 

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I need to post my display on Facebook again this year, lol...

I'm on an off street, so we don't get very many visitors. I'd love to see more. Been trying to convince my neighbors to let me decorate their house both next door and across the street. If not I'm going to have to start decorating my woods on the other side.

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