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Sharing my 1-Channel 2018 Halloween Sequences {Daytime/Off-Hours Music}


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These are the sequences that are used for my Off Hours time, during the day from 7am-7:15pm, I run these sequences, they are on an unused channel (Controller #07, Channel 16 / a CTB16PC controller}, the sequence contains NO LIGHTING commands, the channel is left completely off for this.   I also use these for my 2018 Halloween Lighting, since I didn't have time to do both Halloween and Christmas this year sequenced to the new RGB lights I got.

Anyway, these sequences are a single channel, completely off, and can be used for animation files as background music that just plays while the animation sequence{s} operate or for off hours daytime music.

So I use these currently from 7am until 7:15pm Sunday-Saturday{7 days a week}, then my animation sequences start at 7:30pm-11pm Sunday-Thursday, 7:30pm-12:00AM {Midnight} Friday and Saturday currently.

NOTE 1: There is no music with these sequences, you will have to locate/purchase the media file and add it to the sequence, also since some may be custom edits I created, you may have to extend the sequence time using the SE Skew option to do so to match the song.  I get my music from CD's I purchase at local retail outlets,  from CD Baby, Itunes, and other music websites.

With all that, here's where you can download the 1 channel sequences for off hours play

S4 Version 4_3_36 1 Channel Halloween Off Hours Sequences

NOTE 2: these are also broken down into file types, .LCS, .LMS, and .LSV.  There is also a folder with all files zipped as a single download option, the ZIP file contains all 3 file type associations.

NOTE 3: The channel should always be off, no lighting commands, so an unused channel is ideal for this.  However, you can use an active channel that's in a "musical" show during your off hours, but NOT during a show.  These sequences are mainly for use in either Off Hours music applications or during a NON-Musical show applications using only LOR Animation {.LAS} files and the music plays in the background, but if used during a show the channel MUST BE UNUSED and COMPLETELY OFF!

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Here's a list of the songs I used for the off hours play time.

I noted the singer or group if known, if not known, then unknown will be next to the song title,  I also noted the CD the song can be found on if I knew it. 

I'm still updating my MP3 files with this info as I find it.  Occasionally I miss one in the list here and there. 

Most of these if you can't find the CD or the song/music for sale anywhere, can be found on YouTube as a last resort.  And if you really just can't locate a song, PM me and I'll see if I can locate it online for download somewhere.

Hopefully this info will help you locate the songs I used for the majority of them.


Anyway, here's my list of Off-Hours Music for Halloween:  {I will have a Christmas Off-Hours Music List later, if I can get the time to compile it}.

7th Guest - unknown

Acid Rain - MIX - From Movie Soundtrack "Return of the Living Dead"

Addams Family - TV Theme

American Psycho II - Movie Theme

American Witch - by: Rob Zombie

Bad Things - by: Jace Everett

Believe in Me - by: Hot Loins and Bunny

Believe in Things You Can Not See - by: Here Come The Mummies

Born To Be Alive - unknown

Cemetery Gates - by: Midnight Syndicate

Cool to Be a Witch 2.0 - by: Lord Alexian

Dead Men Tell No Tales - by: Nox Arcana

Do You Believe in Monsters - by: Ray Anderson

Dragula - by: Rob Zombie

Eerie Mausoleums - This is not the name of the original instrumental - unknown name/unknown artist, the name lised in the sequence for this title is incorrect.

Everybody Scream - by: Rob Zombie

Gargoyles - by: Midnight Syndicate

Get Away From Here ~ Dark House - Dark House is by: Bryan Ross. NOTE:this is a merged media file, the other file came from a Halloween CD called: Scary Sound Effects

Ghost Fever - by: Sherman Hemsley

Ghosts - by: John Vosel & the Vintage Buzz Band

Go Home ~ Get Away from Here ~ House of 1,000 Corpses - This is a merged media file of 3 different files. House of 1,000 Corpses - by: Rob Zombie, the other 2 files came from a Halloween CD called: "Scary Sound Effects"

Graveyard-Dead & Buried Remix - by: Midnight Syndicate

Grim Grinning Ghosts - from Walt Disney's "Haunted Mansion Soundtrack CD"

Groovy Graveyard - by: PC Treasures, from the CD: "Monster Kid Music"

If I Was a Goblin - by: Nooshi the Balloon Dude, from the CD: "Halloween Songs for Kids"

I'm In Love With a Monster - by: Fifth Harmony

Little Dead Girl - by: Bronx Casket Company{?}

Little Red Riding Hood - by: Sam the Sham & The Pharohs

Living in a Haunted House - by: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Lullabye Rosemary's Baby - by:{?}, From the Soundtrack CD "Rosemary's Baby"

Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum - by: Fat Boy Boy Three

Mona The Vampire - by: Judy Rothman

Munster's Theme - TV Theme Music

No One Lives Forever - by: Family Force 5

Not Your Savior - by: Midnight Syndicate

Pet Sematary - by: The Ramones

Pumped Up Kicks - by: Foster the People

Radiator - by: Family Force 5

Redoubt - by: unknown, the name listed in the sequence for this song is incorrect!

Shadows - by: Midnight Syndicate

Shake Your Bones - by: Marco Marinangeli. from the CD: "Halloween Songs and Sounds"

"Homecoming" from the Original Movie: "Silent Hill"

"Silver Shamrock" from the Movie: "Halloween III Season of the Witch"

Soliloquy - by: Midnight Syndicate

Something's In The Bag - by: Barnes and Barnes

The Apparition - by: Midnight Syndicate

The Good Times Goosebumps Motel by: Judy Pancoast

The Skele-Tones - by: John Vosel & the Vintage Buzz Band

The Witches Ghost - by: The Hex Girls {from the Scooby Doo cartoon series}

The Zombie Shuffle - unknown

Theme to "The Dead Matter" Remix - by: Midnight Syndicate

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by: Beethoven

Trick -or- Treat - unknown

Very Scary Halloween - by: Nooshi the Balloon Dude, from the CD: "Halloween Songs for Kids"

Wake The Dead - by: Family Force 5

We Wish You a Happy Halloween - by: Nooshi the Balloon Dude, from the CD: "Halloween Songs for Kids"

Weird Science - by: Oingo Boingo, from the "Weird Science Soundtrack CD"

Who Let the Ghosts Out - unknown

Witch Casts a Spell ~ Come Little Children by: "Witchcraft" Halloween CD ~ "Come Little Children" by: Sara Jessica Parker {Hocus Pocus Soundtrack CD re-release}

Witches, Witches, Witches - unknown

Zombies Ate My Grandma! by: Frank Macchia

These songs will be updated for my 2019 Halloween Display after the Holiday season ends, they will be created using the software suite Version 4.3.36 Pro, and will be for 5 CCB-100 Version 1 RGB Controllers and 3 {could be 4} CTB16PC ~AC~ Controllers.  They will be shared once I get them all done.


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shared was incorrectly put in as "shred" in the last sentence. ROFL
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