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DMX won't work in LOR using iDMX1000


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Hello all.

I have read several strings where folks were having issues integrating DMX into their LOR network using an iDMX1000.  The facts just haven't lined up with my issue, so I decided to try a new thread.  I apologize if I missed this one out there somewhere.

I have run LOR shows the last two years.  I wanted to add some moving spot lights this year, so trying to learn DMX a bit.  I recently purchased the iDMX1000.  

I have connected my computer to the USB485, a CAT5 cable from the UBS485 to the iDMX1000, and a DMX cable from the iDMX1000 to the moving spot.  I have powered the iDMX using a 12V power supply.  (Just FYI, I have also tried the configuration where I first connect the USB485 to a regular light controller, and then the controller to the iDMX1000 where it doesn't require the separate 12V power supply and got the same results/problem).

When I open the LOR Hardware Utility and refresh, it finds the iDMX1000.  The default unit ID was at E0.  Per other recommendations on this board, I changed the existing ID from E0 to A1.  The status light on the iDMX1000 is solid red and the data light on the rear is blinking.  My DMX cable is running from the DMX Out port on the iDMX1000 to the DMX In port on the moving spot.  I also have the Polarity switch in the normal position.  The spot light is plugged in and functions.  With no DMX cable plugged into it, it rotates, changes colors, etc. in a test mode.  With the DMX cable plugged in, it sits idle (as though waiting for commands).  

I open the Test Console and change the Controller Type to iDMX1000 - DMX.  Channel Mode is in Virtual Controller mode.  When I move the sliders, I cannot get any reaction from the moving spot.  I feel like I've tried everything, but I clearly must be missing something.  After 4 hours, I am ready to throw in the towel.  I am hoping someone out there can help me find the missing piece.

My only two theories left untested both require spending more money and/or time for delivery, so I thought it would make sense to check here first.  Theory 1 is that my LOR software is not upgraded enough?  I have LOR Hardware v4.3.34 and I'm using Show Time Designer Standard.  Theory 2 is that I need to have a DMX terminator plugged into the DMX Out of my moving spot light?

If anyone could help me, it would be a lifesaver.  I want to purchase three more spots, but there is no reason if I can't figure out how to connect/control them.

Thanks in advance!


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I don't know about the Idmx, but I control mine using a second RS 485 dongle and a LOR to dmx cable I made myself. Using 4.3.xx, works fine

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Ok I solved my initial problem.  For anyone who might have the same issue, the problem was with the DMX device. The spot light has a digital display and it was defaulting to a “base” address of A140. I reset this to A001 and it worked!

Hope this saves someone a few hours in the future!

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