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Can superstar control pixel strings directly via DMX?

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Second silly question of the day.   I am pretty sure that in the past I could run a sequence in Superstar and have it control my pixel strings in DMX.   I set my universes in Superstar but no activity when I play the sequence.   I can export to the LOR sequencer and the pixel strings work which is not a major pain.   I just want to confirm that I do not have a configuration problem in Superstar.   


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SuperStar does not have the ability to play directly to your lights. With SuperStar the steps are:

1) Do you sequencing in SuperStar

2) Click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor"

3) launch the Sequence Editor and open the file you exported

4) While in the Sequence Editor you can play the sequence to your actual lights

You do the above steps both for sequences that use LOR Unit IDs, and for sequences that use DMX Universes

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