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Exported sequences are upside down in LOR sequencer

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I am exporting a completed sequence that displays correctly in Superstar.   However when I export the sequence and play the sequence in the LOR sequencer the entire sequence is upside down.     This also happens with purchased sequences as well.   I am using a Pixcon16 set up to run DMX.   I am keeping it simple at this point and running one universe per string.  I have looked but am I missing an obvious fix?   The sequence does play and activate the pixel strings properly.   Just upside down.

Thanks in advance



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If this is a tree did you confirm the placement of the controller? It sounds like you may have the controller at the top instead of the bottom or vice versa.

If in Vis mode then then Vis controls the placement by pixel 1.

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You can do what i did- reverse the order of the strings by plugging theM in backwords

ie; 1= 24 and 24= 1

Just an example if your matrix is larger or smaller the number will be different


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