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18 minutes ago, TheDucks said:

Ooooh! I never thought of doing a Pumpkin Totem.  GREAT SHOW props.

Idea came from having a telescoping flag pole.  Was sorta in the way of the show.  We had an assortment of plastic pumpkins from NE (second hand store would save them thru the year for us(they went to estate sales and bought up stuff lock, stock, and barrel)).  Over the years we will use them to do a pumpkin wall, a pumpkin pyramid, etc.  Also had a surplus of rope light.

This years theme was "It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".  Already starting on next years theme, Area 51 which might transition into War Of The Worlds.  What started as one satellite dish has turned into two with a third one to be acquired in a week or two (old twelve foot aluminum variety).

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