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I am attempting to add more items to my preview.  My file started in S4 and I "imported" it into S5.  Things were going OK, but when I added another tree I noticed that it did not have the correct number of pixels in it.  When I deleted the tree, I noticed that my Pixels 1-48 are now missing on that channel.  Any ideas how I can get these back?  (They are NOT archived). 

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When you say they are missing, do you mean that those RGB channels are now empty? If a change to a prop's definition causes the number of channels to change, the channels that are no longer present in the prop are not archived.

The only way to get it back is if you saved a copy of the sequence: File > Save A Copy is great for this. Also, there is a backup file made when you save a sequence (.LOREDIT.BAK). If you have only saved the sequence once since you noticed this issue, it's possible the backup file could be used to retrieve your data -- if the sequence file is called "mysequence.loredit", then use Windows Explorer to rename "mysequence.loredit.bak" to "mysequence-old.loredit".


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