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LOOKING FOR: Moster Mash, Thriller, & Ghostbusters

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So I have never done a Halloween display controlled to lights since I live out of the city, but I just got nominated by my boss to do one for our work party.  I don't need anything super crazy as it will be an indoor display with no more than 16 channels.  I would like the following songs if anyone has them sequenced already:

-Monster Mash




And any others that you think would be a great addition. Just has to be work friendly as I work at a bank. My e-mail is jmach49@gmail.com


Thanks everyone!!!!

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18 hours ago, james morris said:


Thank you very much James.  I knew I should I have just emailed you. 


14 hours ago, ozarkboy2 said:

I have Thriller in 16 channels if you don't have it already.

Thank you for the offer, but James got me set up.

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I'm also looking for Ghost Busters please if anybody can share that.

We're only using one 16 channel controller, with no faces or RGB's.

Thanks in advance


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