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Suggestions for building Leaping Arches and Starbursts


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On 10/8/2018 at 11:02 AM, Mega Arch said:

I actually attached mini-clamps to the ends. Then drive a gutter nail thru the mini into the ground. In the middle of the arch, drive a 4 ft rebar and zip tie the arch to hold it upright. About 34” tall arch if I remember, using full 10ft sticks.


See both firesticks and arches here:


@Mega Arch Are those arches 5 channel?

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48 minutes ago, JPat said:

@Mega Arch Are those arches 5 channel?

I used (3) 5-channel sticks one year. No pop. Need at least 7-channels. The arches and sticks in the linked video are all 8-channel. 

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