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My TSO SD card ( play only ) starts and runs first song fine then 2nd song- — it freezes and music is garbled . I have a wow lights SD card that will run fine . I’m Using show time central and one controller only. I sent to help desk , any ideas ? 

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Unfortunately that sounds like the 2nd file either got garbled on the SD Card or the SD Card has developed writing or reading issues.  I've had that happen..   In either case, you will either have to replace the bad SD Card or see if you can write a working version of file #2 back on the offending card, if you do that and it still doesn't work either a bad SD Card or the MP3 Player unit doesn't like the SD Card you're trying to use in it.    The SD Card could be perfectly fine, but SD Cards are not all the same and sometimes the MP3 Director just doesn't like one for whatever reason.


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