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Inputs, Inputs and more Inputs???


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So far I have used one input to trigger the start of a show. You are allowed SW1 to do this...… Somebody please tell me what can you do with the other inputs?

I don't see a "do if"-  trigger on Input 2 in sequences. I have been reading about the Inputs and now I know how to connect them to a switch.. Now what? I can't find anything else on Inputs.

Just curious about the Inputs.

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I use triggers for a bunch of stuff in my year round landscape lighting show.  One input on an InputPup starts the show when it gets dark, another ends the show when the sun comes up.  Several others trigger interactive groups that cause the lights under my front porch steps to ramp up and back down when someone approaches the porch or opens the front door.

One note to keep in mind that you can not detect inputs if the controller on a network that is using Enhanced networking.  I run all my controllers on an Enhanced network, so I have a second network that is non-enhanced that only has the InputPup.

Do you have specific questions I can help you with?


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