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How to use start/end circuit in preview for pixels?


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I am having trouble understanding how to use the start/end circuit properties in the preview display. I have no clue what to do, and I've read everywhere and no luck really. I know for normal lights its pretty straight forward, but these pixels are killing me.

My preview is full of channel conflicts from the start/end circuits, and I have no clue on how to fix it (except re-assigning a network, which is just a short temp. fix). Could somebody please give me an explanation on how to use start/end circuits w/ pixels?


Pixie 16

100 LED's per strip


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Actually start and end channels are very simple.  For each prop, the start circuit is the first channel of that prop and the End circuit is the calculated ending channel based on the type of lights and the number of lights.    Below is a screen capture of the prop definition for one of my arches.  This arch uses RGB lights, and there are 50 lights in the arch.  Therefore, there are 150 channels in the arch - 50 pixels x 3 channels per pixel.  I have defined the first channel for this arch as Network AuxB, Unit 21, channel 1.  Because there are 150 channels in the arch, the calculated last channel is 150.  BTW, the next arch is Network Aux B, Unit ID 22, channels 1 - 150.


In the case of your Pixie 16, it's real easy.  Remember that you define the first Unit ID for a Pixie 16, and that will be the first output.  Each successive output will use the next Unit ID (remember that it counts in Hex).  Since you have 100 pixels, that means that there will be 300 channels for each output.  Therefore, the first channel for each output will be channel 1 and the calculated last channel will be 300.  The next string will be one higher Unit ID and be channels 1 to 300.


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