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Load Clipboard File in S5


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The help menu leads me to information that says to Load a Clipboard file I should open the Edit menu - well I don't seem to have an Edit menu!!! So how do I load a saved Clipboard file which I clearly see on my hard drive into S5 so I can paste its contents onto my matrix.

This is a last ditch effort for getting something I created in xLights in my S5 LOR - nothing I have tried so far has worked!!!! I am beyond frustrated!

Hopefully someone will see this and offer some suggestion!

Truly what I want to do is create an effect in xLights which I cannot do with S5 - and then put it in my S5 Sequence.

S5 won't convert an exported/converted .lms file rom xLights so I thought maybe saving that model from xLights as a clipboard and pasting it in would work!

Well - nothing seems to be working right!!!!!

Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance!

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Sorry we are still working on updating the documentation for the S5 Sequencer.

To add a clipboard, just click on the clipboard button on the toolbar (just to the right of the save button). However, there is an outstanding issue with S5 clipboard functionality in that in won't import files in the S4 clipboard format into RGB channels. So I don't think this approach will work for you -- at least until we fix that shortcoming.


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I have an S5 clipboard (or so the menu choice said in xLights) - When I click on the Clipboard button I get to add new, etc....but don't see Load.

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Did you save the clipboard file.lcb into the clipboards folder?         <your path>  Light-O-Rama\Clipboards

If you see the file there you just click on it to make it the active clipboard.

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