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burgermeister meisterburger song

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3 hours ago, bktalon said:

I have a strange request, dont know if anyone has done this, but looking for this one with or without the singing faces , would be great with them :) the song is 

It's a Difficult Responsibility  Thanks in Advance, Brian   bktalon@gmail.com


I don't have time to research the song, I do know the song.

If you can find an album source (not a youtube or other conversion) and provide the album title to me where I can purchase it I will sequence the faces for you. I have decided to only produce sequences that members can legally purchase the music and will not do one off's. My goal is to be able to provide the sequence to everyone who requests it from me.

I am sure its probably out there on some old Christmas album. If you find it and provide the source, I will sequence it.


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1 hour ago, bktalon said:

I need a place that anyone can buy the download version, that's an auction site. 


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