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Looking for The Greatest Show. Can anybody help me out?

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23 minutes ago, fyremedic97 said:

I’m looking for The Greatest Show. Has anyone done it and can help me out. I use All LED lights, no pixels or faces. Thanks in advance.

Its being shared. Search for my great friend James Morris thread and tell him you only need the LMS


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I spoke with James- he will be sharing tomorrow.

He will Probably reply here but watch for his shared thread sometime tomorrow.

I thought he already posted it but he hadn’t created the thread yet.

My reply was a little generic because he hasn’t created the other props yet. 


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3 hours ago, MrQuailwood said:

James if you still have the .lms version of this one would you be willing to send it to me? blauvelt.ryan@yahoo.com TIA!

Please find James sharing post in the search or sharing threads.

There are some new guidelines that you will need to copy / paste agreeing to.

Fill that out in the correct thread and he will send to you ASAP.

Thank you

Happy Thanksgiving


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