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S5 submenues disappeared

Werner Horst

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1. I've loaded an empty sequence into the sequencer that's just a 32x50 MegaTree on DMX.
2. When I open that, I have the 32 submenues of the 32 strands.
3. When I open it again I have the 50 pixels for each strand
4. If I now upload a Prop via "Assign Preview", this fall Unit 01 (has 16 LOR channels) 
5. Then I get this message, which I confim OK

6. After that, my channel list looks like this.



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When I finally open my MegaTree, all submenus disappear, and the channels are no longer sorted.


Was I wrong?

Can you Help me?


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It looks like you have a separate preview for every prop or device. That is not how previews work -- a single preview should contain ALL of the props/elements/devices in your show.

Rather than assigning a new preview to your sequence, combine all of the props into the preview already assigned to the sequence:

1) Open the preview "Unit 01" in Preview Design

2) Click on the name of the first prop to select it

3) Type Ctrl-A to select all of the props

4) Right-click and select "Export selected items", note the file name, and click Save.

5) Close Preview Design for "Unit 01" by clicking the Cancel button

6) Open the preview "Imported from 20180911 - Leerscript" in Preview Design

7) Click the "Add Item" button and select "Import an S5 prop file"

8) Select the file you created in step 4

Now you should have your mega tree and the props for Unit 01 in a single preview. Repeat the process for any other preview that contain props that need to be combined (e.g. Unit 02).


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Thanks Matt for your answer, I'll try it tomorrow. 
I think I make some mistakes in the S5 version. 
Let's see how far I'm coming. My problem is and remains my bad English.


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