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How to power the power supply?


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So I bought two power supplies to power my pixie controllers, (and please keep in mind I am extremely new to this) I really dont know how to power it...

There isn't a connector you just plug into the wall, and I'm pretty sure I have an idea on how too, but I'm not exactly sure.


^^^ Power supply

How do I power this thing?


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12 minutes ago, Mr. P said:

You need a power cord. LOR sells them in the store or you can use an old extension cord and cut off one end. Either way I recommend at least a 14 gauge wire.


There are three wires coming out of it. I'm guessing ones negative, positive, and ground?

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5 minutes ago, jfuller8400 said:

Back = Positive

White = Neutral

Green = Ground

Corect but I believe on the power supply the POS will say Line.

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The listing you linked to has a wiring diagram to the power supply you have. Scroll through the images in that listing.

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You first asked about the power cord to plug in the wall, then later about positive and minus.

Looking at the last drawing on the web page you linked looks exactly like the Ray Wu power supplies that many of us are using.  Look at that drawing.  Starting at the end where the little LED is on the PC board (along with a voltage adjustment), the first three screw terminal  are DC output Positive.  The next three are DC output Negative.  The last three are where your AC line cord connects.  They are Ground, Neutral, and Line (also known as Hot).  On a "normal" power cord, they are:  Green = Ground, White = Neutral, and Black = Hot.  A lot of extension cords now use a different wiring color standard.   That one is:  Green/Yellow = Ground, Blue = Neutral, & Brown = Hot

As for the DC Output, by far the most common is Black = Negative (sometimes called Ground or return), and Red = Positive.


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There are alternate colors for power cords that comply with IEC (the rest of the world)

Line (hot, L) Brown

Line (Neutral) Blue

(Safety) Ground (Earth, GND) Green with a Yellow stripe     

If you have any old Computer power cords (3 prong, any country), they will have these colors


I highly recommend using Crimp Spade (fork shape) or ring (if the screws are removable)  lugs for all LINE connections, If you were going for Regulatory approval, the Green wire MUST use a ring lug and star lock washer (since this is for home use, any decent connection will do )

IMHO 14ga is over kill (good for 15A),  16ga is fine for supplies under 500W

OTOH Long Extension cords under rated (for wire size) load, should bump a gauge for every 50ft to control voltage drop.  eg that 14ga cord at 12A load. 51-100ft long, that cord should now be 12ga, 101-150ft, 10ga (ouch $ )

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