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CCR Arches using Superstar


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A couple questions about trying to use superstar to make ccr arches.

First time I have dabbled with ccr or any rgb for that matter and I have found some answers but wondering about a few things

1)Can superstar instant sequence program a string of 4-CCRs as 1 object? I.e. have an effect go from one string to the next instead of all 4 strings acting indepently? Wanting arches to act as 1 group instead of 4

2)Kind of unrelated but something I have been dealing with since I just updated to S5 as well. You can do an instant sequence on a visualization file but I have not found a way to make a visualization file now that Preview is part of S5 instead of visualizer. I have tried exporting preview files but they are not .lee files so have not been able to open as a visualization file. A previous post said that you could somewhat use a group'd visualization of CCR's to instant sequence and it worked better than doing a quick visualization of 4 ccrs

Thanks in advance for any help...just trying to find an easy way to add some ccr arches to my current display/sequences


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Sorry for the lack of documentation right now. We are working on that, and I want to make a video tutorial as well to show how to use superstar with S5. But for now here is a short description:

In S4 you make visualizations, in S5 you make Previews. So the steps are:

1) Make a Preview in S5 of the lights you want to sequence

2) Create a sequence using that Preview

3) select some or all of a motion effect row and do a right click on that selection and select "insert superstar effect"

4) the S5 Sequencer will launch SuperStar and you should see your Preview in SuperStar

5) Do your sequencing and the shut down SuperStar and superstar will automatically pass the sequencing you did to the S5 Sequencer

6) Hit the Play button in the S5 Sequencer and you should see the sequencing you did.

7) Double click on what you just sequenced and SuperStar will be launched and you can edit the sequencing you did


As for having Instant Sequence do effects on all of the arches instead of just one, the best way to do that is to use the Auto Sequence feature. There is a video tutorial on the Auto Sequence feature, go the the lightorama main page, click on Support, then click on "Tutorials and PDFs". The superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for a tutorial on Auto Sequence, it is the last one in the list of SuperStar tutorials 

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6 hours ago, chippunk03 said:

1)Can superstar instant sequence program

Honest opinion, learn how to sequence.  Instant Sequence works, but in the long run, you will be far happier with some real sequencing.


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