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Now Sharing ~ Devil Went Down to Georgia singing faces

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Email, its been a while, just cant remember, Thank you JR

I tried Red white blue but for some reason Hotmail didn’t find it LOL Will send later when I return home. My apologies usually I can remember most frequent fliers. JR

Sent my friend Enjoy JR

4 hours ago, IndianapolisFire917 said:

Can I be included, as well as bohemian rhapsody?

Thank you



Private Use Only

Thank you for inderstanding


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On ‎10‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 12:56 PM, donboyce said:

If you are sharing, could you please send a copy?  Thank you very much



Sent enjoy


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Sent to all above. Private use only. Also sent my instructions for those that may not be familiar with my channel layout.


I apologize for the delayed response.


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2 hours ago, jwblazek said:


Can I get a copy please? How do you do the lip syncing?



Note by note and word by word. But its easy for me.


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8 hours ago, billy1776 said:

JR, may I have a copy, please? whanley1@gmail.com 


Also, are you taking commissions for singing face work for christmas season?

No commissions, but any donations could be made to a fellow member who was involved in a bad traffic accident. Jerry72, really nice guy and a friend of many. Someone set him up a GoFundMe account its listed and I think someone even sent him a paypal.

I am sure it doesn't have to be a lot, every bit counts.

The story is listed in the coffee shop.

My title is Member Down 

What happened was horrible.

Shoot me a PM with what you need.



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