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Now Sharing ~ This Is Halloween With Intro singing faces (4)


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On 9/6/2018 at 9:33 PM, dibblejr said:

As usual SELLERS please do not ask. 

Please do not share with other forum members, if they want the sequence they can ask. If anyone contacts you outside of this thread please let me know.


This will require you to copy and paste channels 5-8 differently so please pay attention to your channels. Mine are unique to assist me with sequencing. Channels 1-4 should be the same as the commercial sequences.


James will be adding the other props to this sequence and share once completed. This is faces only.


Music not included.


Song Info


Artist - 

Title - This Is Halloween with Intro

Album -  Look for the song that is 4:03.39 or close. You may have to slide it around if you use shorter version

If you need my word document on steps required to use this just ask. I try to remember all that have previously received it.




Hi JR,

Can I please get a copy?


Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)

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