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Modifying motion effects sometimes not taking the change until after opening and saving the effect


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Version S5.1.0

I have observed an issue when moving motion effects around.  It does not happen all the time, and so far I have not determined a pattern, but this is what I am sometimes observing.

Create an effect using Motion Effects.  The effect works correctly.  Then move the effect either with Copy & Paste, or Cut & Paste, or Nudge, or Stretch.  Play the sequence segment, and the effect will appear at the original time location or length.  Then open the effect by double clicking on it, and do nothing but save the effect to exit Effects Generator.  Now it will work correctly.

I am observing this while using primarily Text effects on a P5 matrix that has 36,864 channels.


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53 minutes ago, MattBrown said:

If you create a new sequence with just 1 text motion effect, does it exhibit the same issue?

Short answer is I could not make it fail.  Longer answer is:  I created a single text type motion effect from 00:01.0. to 00:06:.0 and it worked fine.  Then used the Nudge control to move it five seconds later and it worked correctly.  Next, I copied the effect and pasted it to 00:00.3 - and it worked fine.  Next, I changed the color of the first effect from red to green.  Still worked.  Shortened the first segment by about 3/4 inch and it worked.  Nudged the first segment about 3/4 second, and still worked...


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