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Would love to Have some Dubstep


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I did a song by Morten called Hypnotized last year. It's not perfect but it came out decent. Nobody has it so it's one of a kind.  I did it myself but it was only my second year on Lor so it may need a couple sections tweeked. It has some dubstep sections. Take a look, if interested I can email you the lms file later today when I get on the laptop.

Pardon the crappy audio. I was using the vans stereo for audio

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47 minutes ago, keithandrews said:

Would love to Have some Dubstep found one carol of the bells looking for few more 

kfandrews2003@yahoo.com   thank you in advance

Christmas ones?

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5 hours ago, Chipduke said:

Could I get what anyone is sharing please? My peanut gallery begging for anything techno, trance, jungle, dub and anything in between. Thank y’all. chipduke@gmail.com


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