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Controller Orientation Question

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I am thinking of building a covered structure outside to hold the LOR controllers during the Halloween/Christmas show season. 

Instead of hanging the controllers vertically (all of the cords hanging down) in the structure, I am thinking of laying the controllers down flat horizontally on a shelf (the cords facing me at waist height).


Are there any issues that you see with orientating the controllers this way?  Assume the structure is properly vented and properly covered  and the controllers have the plastic/metal boxes covering them as well.

One of the controllers is the model that has the MP3 built into it with a metal case on the outside.  Does that make a difference?


Thanks in advance for answering...



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Just FYI here

I use 2 controllers laying on the grass. Not covered. The boxes are waterproof. All I do is prop one end up. All of mine are outdoors and not covered.




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Common practice is to keep them vertical with the cords hanging down to keep moisture from getting into the electronics.  I've had good luck, though, putting mine in covered bins.  The bin keeps the rain/snow off, I can stack 3-4 in a bin, and the bin pulls double duty for storage in the off-season.

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I can't see any issues either - water intrusion is the main reason the case is oriented as it is

There are no obvious heat sinks or other elements that look like they direct convective airflow in any way.

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