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Hooking CTB16PC to a DMX fog machine


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Hey guys, 
First time poster.. Long time lurker. I've looked around the forums and I can't quite figure out the following question:

What do I need to do to connect my CTB16PC controller to my DMX fog machine that I just bought. I use a USB adapter that connects my ethernet to my controllers. 
I read that the CTB16PC controllers have the ability to control DMX built in. I am just not sure what I need to use to connect the controller to my fogger. If it's a cable or an adapter. 

This is the fog machine I bought.

Any help would be appreciated as this will be my first jump into the DMX world. 


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Don't know about your DMX fog machine, but I sure hope you are not connecting your controllers via ethernet?  

They don't work that way, you use an RS485 hub, it connects to a USB port on your computer and you use Cat5 or Cat6 cables to go from the USB485 hub to the controllers via the Cat5 connection on the USB485.  It may look like ethernet, but it's an entirely different thing.   So hoping you are using the LOR dongle{USB485} to run your controllers or you may fry something!  And don't plug anything ethernet into the USB485 Cat5/Cat6 jacks either, you'll destroy it!


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Best way IMO is to use a second USB to RS 485 dongle and a cable that converts pins 4 and 5 and 6  to pins  3, 2 and 1 on an XLR, dmx connector. 


Look for DMX stage light or moving head  posts, there are a lot, and the principal is the same.


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Hey Orville, 
Yes I am using the LOR donge to run my controllers. Appreciate the advice! Still learning. 

Thanks Phil. Will look into that. 

Appreciate it!

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