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Can anyone tell me what this error means?
Ran Verifier and had two of these errors:

Application file has unexpected version number: [FILE]: C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LORPost.exe / [EXPECTED]: / [FOUND]:

Long time ago I tried downloading S5 Beta when it firwst came out. Tried opening a sequence with it but got an error..so immeaditley uninstalled it...could this be related to that?

Did not uninstall completely?

If so, any way to fix it?

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After you uninstalled S5 did you clean the registery. Whenever you uninstall a program there are usually some files left over. You can ignore it, it won't hurt anything.

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Lorpost.exe for version 5 got left behind when you uninstalled.

In order to completely clean up after early versions of the beta were removed it was necessary to manually delete the LOR folder in the Program Files (x86) folder, after the uninstall.

Best thing to clean up your situation is to uninstall again, reboot, delete that folder and then do the install of your preferred version again.

Of course, as always, back up your LOR data before, just in case.

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DevMike discussed that same error and a couple others that related to it in another thread, not sure where it is here on the forum, but that error can actually be IGNORED.  It doesn't do anything, it relates to version numbers of the software and will do nothing to your sequences, it's just a harmless error that they didn't bother to update the internal code to reflect the new version numbers, so when the software checks the version revision, it just doesn't see what it wants and returns an error.

'Again, harmless, got that error for a long time, it's never taken away from my sequences, never done anything at all, even DevMike told us we can just ignore it.

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We have been pretty lax in updating the verifier over the last few versions (frankly, we just don't have the time).  

We are also discovering that the uninstall process is leaving behind files when it shouldn't (like Phil points out).  If you are moving back to S4 from S5, it is best to do a registry wipe, and then remove the LOR folder from Program Files (again as Phil points out).

Use your best judgement when it comes to the verifier and version numbers.  If it sticks out like a sore thumb, like Jim's where he has installed 4.3, but post is 5.0, do the registry wipe and delete.  If you see something like 'Expected 4.3.18, Found 4.3.32', that's us not having the time to update verifier.

Sorry for that.

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You may also see errors that say certain components are missing.  Again that is our fault.

We have been changing some things around to keep S4 and S5 using the same libraries, but we have failed to update verifier.  We will fix that as well in some future release.

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