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On 7/25/2018 at 12:12 AM, dkoehler42 said:

That's a cool unit, but I'm sourcing the audio from my computer. I don't know how I'd run a wire, and I don't trust that I have Bluetooth installed. Ideally, I'd like a standalone wireless speaker(s).  I know they do exist, but are they all iffy?

I just ran the sound from my LOR radio station for Christmas show! No need for wires or blue tooth at that point. system has AM radio capabilities.

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14 minutes ago, PhilMassey said:

How did AM get involved here, and for gosh sakes, why?

C'mon now, everyone knows that AM is the way of the future.  ?

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A.M. = Antiquated Modulation

Right up there with Spark Gap Transmitters  because there is no Consumer Level Stereo Transmitters



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We have an old 1980s boombox that we tune to our station and have plugged into the same timer that turns on the decorations and LOR boxes.  We have the boombox wrapped in a giant trashbag so that the music can still be heard but rain can't get in.  We put the boombox behind our huge hedgerow in front of our house, where it stays the 5-6 weeks we run the Christmas show.  Never had an issue with water getting in the bag because of the way we have it wrapped.

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