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Calling All Angles Train Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

james morris

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So this is a go as well please. Googled the video and wife started singing it. Then asks "You're doing that song right?"

Yup I know that stare and "hint"... If I don't I'm in BIG trouble lol. 


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Met @Fireitup last year. When he came out to our display and told us about his. He has his own display just a few miles from us. He's good people. Talking to him is what got me wanting to do a singing face this year.

Sorry my first answer to your PM. Was so short I didn't know who you were until you mentioned we came by your show. Then I remembered who you were.

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8 minutes ago, Fireitup said:

If you need any of the "face" sequences let me know. Will be glad to help with what I may have.

Thanks. For the most part James and Jr have really helped me out in that aspect. I've got so many I still need to get busy finishing them up but I keep playing hooky from work today LOL.

Don't forget to post your email address so they can send you the files

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