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seqence editor will not open


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1 minute ago, ranfast said:

cannot open sequence editor 

Please provide more info.

Which version, OS, how you are attempting to open.


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Are you opening SE from the Desktop?


From the Windows Program List under the Light-O-Rama folder?

From the Light-O-Rama light bulb in the task bar?


From the task bar where you sent it too?  

There are so many different scenarios that each one can have issues depending on various factors. So we definitely need to know more info about your system setup, operating system, etc. to be able to help you. 

Did you use the default Light-O-Rama install locations or customize it to your specifics?

Did you rename any of the files when you made shortcuts and moved them to the desktop or taskbar area?

What version and license level do you have?{This info can also be posted in your profile and show up under your name and location at the left of these messages, that would also help for you to fill in your profile with this info.}

As you can see, so many varying factors, we need to know a lot more info before we can try and diagnose what your issue may be in opening the SE on your computer.  As this could be something very simple or it could be something that requires a little more detail on how to instruct you to get it functional.


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Any error messages would be useful.   yhas SE worked for you before or new install.  When trou ble shooting software issue, too much info is better than too little. 

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Wonder if they got the issue resolved?  

No activity from original poster to know if they are still having issues or not with their Sequence Editor. 

I'd guess since they haven't been back to see if there have been any answers to try and help them, then,  perhaps they got it resolved on their own.

We can only speculate, but if it's not working would really believe they'd be back in here checking constantly to see if an answer could be found to resolve their problem{s}.



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