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Why not add this to our info to left of posts?


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Okay, just upgraded to LOR 4.3.30 and license level Pro.  If folks add it to their profile we see the version of the LOR software we're using, why not have the license level there as well?   

Just seems to me, if someone happens to post about why isn't my controller #03 working and they have a Basic license, we could see their license level and know that the Basic license only supports 2 controllers, so we could tell them they'd need to upgrade to a higher level to access Controller #03, or recommend which license they'd need for the number of controllers they have or would be adding to their display.

Just a suggestion, but think having the license level display along with the version would help a lot of us give better information to those folks that put it in their profile that displays our name. version and location to the left of these messages.

Anyone else think this would be beneficial and a good idea to add in helping others on this forum?


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As I recall, it has been suggested before.  In any case, it would be very helpful!


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