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is S5 a plausible option to making this years light show?


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Just a simple question before I start work on this years light show, since its in beta.

Pixels and lights are included.

Can I use S5 to create this years light show?

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I have been running my landscape lighting show on S5 ever since I I shut down my 2017 Christmas show.  In my case, I am making major changes to my 2018 Christmas show layout (which is causing a huge amount of "conversion" work), and moving to S5 is going to take a huge amount of "conversion" work, so it made sense to combine the two conversions.  I am fully committed to S5 for 2018.  There are still some issues, that may have been fixed in the latest beta, but I have not had time to test them yet - and likely won't for at least another week.

So, yes.  Go for it.


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