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Photoeletric switch and mp3G3 activation


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I intend to run part of my display using an MP3G3 .
Upon power up I would like to run a looping  "lights on" program.
When someone walks down my driveway I want a photoelectric switch to "shut off" the looping program and activate a second program/sequence which activates a talking green meanie.

My plan is to use an Omeron E3jk-R4M2 photoelectric switch,  which has  a distance detection of 4 metres.
The unit itself operates off 12 volt DC and uses an inbuilt relay to bridge the connection header of the MP3G3. - whichI believe is  the same as pressing a momentary contact push button switch?

Not having the parts to test my plan, I am wondering how the header/MP3G3 will behave with  the use of the photoelectric sensor.  
for example 4 people walk through the display single file and each person activates / triggers the photoelectric cell twice with a left and right foot step. 
This would send 8 triggers to the MP3G3.  Does the MP3G3 have an inbuilt software "lockout" which does not allow the trigger(S) to be recognised until the triggered sequence has been completed and the first sequence resumed,  
or does it keep count of the number of triggers and keep playing the second sequence until the number of triggers reach zero or does it keep reactiviating the associated sequence (without finishing the sequence)  everytime it receives a trigger ?  


Thanks in advance for your help



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