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PE Matrix Prop - Adding Different String Length


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Setup a vertical matrix prop in PE, 3 strings, 125 pixels with 3 folds. That creates a matrix 25 pixels high x 15 pixels wide.  Going to use some pixel matrix netting which is 16 columns wide. 


Is there a way to create a matrix prop with 2 strings at 125 and 1 string at 150 (4 FOLDS)? With a universe per string, looks like you can edit the universe and starting channel but not the end channel. 

Guessing you could set this matrix up in SE but don't know of a way to import this into a prop, just starting out playing with PE.  Appreciate the help...Mike

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I'm trying to make sure I understand you correctly, but I think your fold counts are off.  If you have 3 strings of 125 pixels with 3 folds each only gives you 12 rows not 15.  4 folds each would give you 15 rows with 25 pixels each.  To get the last row in like you want you can do a few things.  You can make a custom prop and assign each pixel a number and set your controllers to know which output it is hooked up to.  Another option, which is what I did to mine, it is to make 2 matrix props and group them together. 

Make one matrix with 3 strings of 125 pixels with 4 folds = 15 rows.  Make a second matrix with 1 row of 25 pixels.  When you build the matrix, each string can be on it's own universe

Matrix 1

String 1- U1 start ch 1 end 375 =125 pixels

Sting 2- U2 start ch 1 end 375 = 125 Pixels

String 3- U3 start ch 1 end 375 =125 Pixels

If you want string three to have 150 pixel to not have to use another output you can

Matrix 2

String 1 U3 start ch 376 end 450 = 25 pixels + 125 Pixels = 150 Pixels total physically.

On the preview just align the two matrixes to the same height and place them together, Create a group with the 2 matrixes, and use the grouped line to insert all your Motion Effects in the sequence.

I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but this is how I got mine to work best for me.

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You're right, 4 fold.    I do want to keep it to 3 outlets so yo'u're  2nd option in building 2 matrix makes sense.   

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