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Multiple controller System set up

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I want to run two or three 16 channel designs. Can I use two CTB16PCg3 with an fm transmitter and the G3MP3 director or will I have to keep it plugged into my computer? 


I would like one 16 channel to control the house and the other 16 channel to control 4 Christmas trees.


thabk you in advance for any help. Suggestions on best set up are welcomed. I have the starter set with an fm transmitter now that I run from a laptop. 

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I'm sorry that I don't have any experience with the MP3 director, I've always run my show from my computer that is dedicated to the show and is isolated from my home network. Multiple controllers are no problem, especially the 110v 16 channel LOR controllers. They simply daisy chain together using individual unit ID numbers. Start at unit 01 not 1 just in case you end up with more than 9 controllers. I didn't think I would 3 plus years ago, but last year I has 26 controllers of varying types. Welcome to the insanity, er, I mean hobby. You will find a wealth of information here that will help greatly as long as it is before September, we are for the most part too busy after that. Good luck, don't stress, and have fun.


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