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2 hours ago, Vince4xmas said:

Do you have a estimated production release date?

Shortly after the time that it is decided that most of the bugs are worked out of the beta.  When that will be is anyone's guess...

That's what Beta testing is all about.


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We do not have a date yet (and I am still working on Dan to get him to set a date).  However, I would imagine this summer - most likely around Expo.

We are pretty confident in what we have right now being a nearly complete feature set, and that most of the show stopping bugs (literally) were worked out a long time ago.  We do like to be slow and methodical however so that's why you've seen a nearly 1 year beta.  

We did identify one area in the last couple of days where we need to make an adjustment, but that change is not going to impact any of you, or the schedule.  That change is for sequences from our sequence store, not anything you are creating.


Yes, S5 is BETA at the moment.  However if you are on the fence about using it for this season, it's time to hop off and start using S5.  Start your sequencing in it now, and don't wait until we call it official.  I'm 99.9% sure what you do now will absolutely work in S5 release.  The last few S5 beta releases have actually been more like 'Release Candidates' -- IE This part of the beta is for finding those obscure bugs that may still be lingering, or functionality that can be improved with minimal changes.  Core functionality has been very stable since before the 2017 season.  Anyone who complains that we didn't give them enough time to sequence for 2018 is going to suffer a 5 day ban! :)  (No, not really.  But seriously folks.  Invest the time you would use to complain to instead download and install the beta and start using it.)

Actually S5 core's functionality has been pretty stable since the Alpha release we sent to a few commercial customers in 2016.  It was not as feature-rich but it has successfully run for 2 seasons now.  This is S5 Alpha this past year running a commercial display.  One of our partners is the lead on this project, and I was asked to be the emergency technician should something go wrong.  I've NEVER had a single phone call.


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I used S5 for last years show and did not have any issues! I had some questions that I asked Matt Brown and he was able to help me through things. I had some last minute channel changes and fixed them in one place which made the changes simple and less time consuming. Some of the new affects included in S5 are outstanding as I had many compliments from my viewers. Ready to begin programming for this years show.

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I actually went to go see that show in the Shoppes at wiregrass.  I think it was 2016. Would have liked to see more lights on the stores. Kind of high end stores there with a lot of hoity-toity people there lol. But if you're like me and love all things Christmas it's a pretty decent place to go look in the mid Florida Wesley Chapel area

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