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I work at a Sign Company, here's a short video of what has been keeping me busy for the past couple months.

It's local movie theater that is getting a remodel, we built (and are still building new signs). The picture of the blade sign in the shop just got all it's chasers led's and neon wiring finished today. The flashing neon will be extended another 7 feet down the sign after it is installed ( no room to mount it and then haul to the jobsite.

It has been a very cool project to work on (although I ready for it to leave the shop) :)

Aside from the reader boards on the Marquee and the neon blowing, we custom built the rest of the sign, wiring and installation.



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An updated movie with the Marquee and Blade Sign lit at night.
Some stats.
900 ft of Neon
496 Led Chaser Lights
Approx 500 ft of wiring
The Electrician for the remodel told me the original signs required 16 - 20 amp circuits. With advances in more efficient Neon Transformers and LED Chaser lights we were able to reduce that down to 9 - 20 amp circuits. Cheaper for them to run the sign. What the video doesn't show so well is the blue glow of the neon across all the adjacent buildings. Was a very cool project to be involved in.



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Glad to see they are renovating that theater. I worked in the shipyard for 23 years and walked by it a lot. Great job on the sign.


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