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For Sale - LOR 10w floods, CMB24d's and dumb rgb nodes


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Going to be 100% pixel this year so need to clear out the garage.  I have for sale the following.  All prices include shipping via USPS flat rate unless stated plus shipping.  The 4 core pigtails and extensions will ship via USPS flat rate as well.  Just depends on how many someone wants as to what will fit in a box.

LOR CMB24d - Bare board only - $60 7 boards available

8 - LOR 10w floods - factory 16ft cord with female end.  Mating male connector with approximately 18" wire - $120 per 8 floods  - 4 lots of 8 floods- 32 floods total. These were used for 4 years in my display, stayed up year round so they are slightly weathered but 100% functional

12V Dumb RGB Bullet Nodes 3" spacing - 8- 100 ct strings per box. These were used for 2015 and 2016 on my mini trees. Two 50ct strings spliced together with HC Male pigtail and approximately 30" cable on one end and heatshrink on other. $100 for 8 - 100ct strings. Colors on wires are faded slightly. Quantity - 6 Boxes of 800 nodes each

4 core Extension 10 ft - Holiday Coro - $2.00 each plus shipping - Quantity 25

4 Core Extension 5 ft - Holiday Coro - $1.00 each plus shipping - Quantity 18

4 Core Pigtail Approximately 30" Female - $.50 each plus shipping - Quantity 39 These were mating connectors for the dumb nodes listed above which were connected to the LOR CMB24d. 

Pixlite16 v3.5 Bare Board - $125

Pixlite16 MKII v1.0 - $125

Super Star Lights Star Topper - http://superstarlights.com/SuperStar...arPurchase.php Used one year in 2014. Tested last night https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview...6+22+20+PM.jpg $100 + Shipping

Payment via PayPal friends and family or add 3%

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18 minutes ago, ericm said:

so your asking $180 for board and 8 floods?

Correct that would be $180 shipped.  Wish I could edit this post...  A lot of the stuff is sold.  Down to 3 LOR CMB24d's.  Floods are still available

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CMB24d's,  4core extensions and pigtails are sold.   A few of the LOR 10w rgb floods and dumb rgb nodes still available as well as the Pixlites and Superstar topper

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17 minutes ago, Light Nerd said:

Still have the topper? 

topper is still available. Drop me a PM if seriously interested and I can look into shipping quotes

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