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Backup for Brian and SuperStar

Ed K

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In any good organization, there are backups for key individuals (think "key man insurance"), should an individual leave or otherwise no longer work on a specific program or project.

Does LOR have a backup resource(s) in place for Brian, in the event that Brian no longer develops or supports SuperStar?   A backup plan would ensure continued SuperStar support and improvement at the same level Brian now provides.  Brian has the key knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and skills that seem critical to the viability and growth of SS.  If he quit or otherwise no longer were available,  SS development and support could be impacted.

Heck, even Warren Buffet needs a backup plan (think, succession plan).

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Well, first let me assure you that I will continue supporting superstar. I am committed to my customers, and developing and supporting superstar and writing sequences are my full time job. I do not have a job elsewhere.



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Awesome!!  And just to note, my post  had nothing personal about it, nor do I have a wit of inside LOR or Super Star Lights information.  As a former head of a consulting company, we managed this issue in order to ensure seamless customer delivery during any turnover.

Now, back to my sequencing with SuperStar.



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