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Layout of PC, switch, controller, lights, and tune-to sign

Ed K

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I thought a simple diagram of my layout might help a few who, like me, are relatively new to this hobby.  This was my first time using pixels for Christmas lights.  Attached is how I laid out my display this first time. 

I distributed the four E1.31 controllers across my yard for various props.  I assigned a unique IP address to each E1.31 controller.  I placed three of these four controllers near my eaves, and I use them to control C9 type pixels on my roof, in addition to controlling 12mm pixels on other props.  On one E1.31 controller, I wired a 3 channel RGB dumb DMX controller to the E1.31 controller’s DMX port, and used that dumb controller to control my flood lights.  

I assigned a unique Unit ID to each LOR controller.  I use the CTB16 controller to turn my LED-lit Tune In sign on and off (yes, I only use two of the 16 extensions).  I use a single LOR CCR and controller for each of six windows (so, six CCRs/controllers).  I use a seventh CCR/controller for two, 50-pixel arches (I cut the CCR, and soldered a connection between the two halves).

I use my desktop PC exclusively for my lights, and I do not have it connected to my home network.  I plug my LOR “USB to RS485 Converter” into one of my PC’s USB ports.  I plug the Cat 5 cable from the LOR converter, and a second Cat 5 cable from my PC’s Ethernet port, into a 2- jack wall port in my home office.  I wired that inside 2-jack port (using two Cat 5 cables in my attic) to a water-resistant, 2-jack port that is under one of my eaves.  At that outside eave port sits the Netgear switch.

2017 Topology.PNG

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