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Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes

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Is the big snowman in the center an air blown? Did you rewire its lights separate from the fan so you could control them (if it is)?

I'm pretty impressed with how steady your drone is when you aren't moving it! I have a drone, but have not yet tried to use it to shoot video of my lights (moved to a new house this past summer, so display was lack-luster this year --- preparing for a big NEW show for 2018).....will try my drone out this summer, then be ready for the 2018 show!

By the way, I enjoyed the brief dip in the snow, too!

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The snowman was from Sams club, metal frame and cloth/fabric body that hangs over the frame.  The drone was fun to use, trying to find more creative ideas on how to use the altitude


thanks for the comments!

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Great work!  I love how the glow from the alternating red and white string lights going across the front and sides gave a "candy cane"-like effect when reflected by the snow.

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