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I want to dip my toe into RGB but I am unsure about how to proceed. Currently running 64 channels (4 AC controllers) with S4 basic plus V 4-3.18

Can I program a ccp + unit in SE? I hear varying info on this? Is SE or visualizer limited in any way for RGB? I’m not sure I want (or am even allowed by the boss) to invest in a CCP unit or 2 AND a pro upgrade including PE. I appreciate any insight I can get


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Programming of RGB is possible in SE.  All you have to do is add the device...then you will have 50 to 100 RGB lines to sequence. This will create a group of 50 to 100 RGB lines you can expand or compress.  Using the colorfade tool you then select a color.  You can twinkle or shimmer as well as have a solid color.  Leaving the device or all the seperate RGB channels unexpanded will allow you to sequence all the RGB lines of the device as one unit.  So, for example, if you want all the channels to fade from off (black) to red, you can do this by sequencing just the one line.  Expanding the device gives control to each individual bulb.

PE allows you to add effects.  Snow falling or fire for example. While this is cool looking in a tree or grid it really does not translate well to a string of lights.  Yes, there are other effects but in my humble opinion setup is cumbersome, effects are limited and sequencing can not be edited once completed.  

Both superstar and pixel editor are add ons.  You create your sequence in the add on program and then export back to the sequence editor to run your show.  The sequence editor still is the program used for your show.  Pixel Editor (PE) exports its sequences in intensity data format only.  It will be one program line in the sequence editor that is un editable.  And that one line is every element you created in pixel editor.  To edit you would have to go back to Pixel Editor then correct or change and export again.

Superstar allows you to export in intensity file format or classic which is then editable in sequence editor.  In my humble opinion superstar is much better than pixel editor for not only RGB but your entire display.  While PE only allows sequencing of RGB elements, superstar is actually a complete sequencer.  AC, DC, motors and yes RGB...dumb or pixels.

Once you get into RGB you must have advanced version of LOR license.  S5 is coming soon so this might be a better option as well.  But to answer your original question...

Yes you can sequence rgb in SE.  Visualizer is very capable, not limited in any way and will be used.


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Thanks Sax! That helps a lot. I am going to grab my other laptop when I get home and start playing with the SE and visualizer and then get the bosses blessing for the more plug and play type unit (LOR CCbulbs or bullets).

i appreciate the tips and advice!

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After the season tear down I will be selling some of my RGB controllers. I'm pretty certain that I have four LOR 24 channel controllers that have literally never been powered up. PM me your info and when I do the tear down/ inventory I'll let you know what I'll be parting with. I'm thinking 50 cents on the dollar plus postage.


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I do 90% of my sequencing in SE.  I find the individual control is better.  You can see results the the display forum

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