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USB485B necessary or not?


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I know this has probably been answered before but I couldn't find it.

I want to connect (3) 16ch controllers to the N. side of my house and (2) 16ch controllers to the S. side of my house ... and the computer signal will originate and feed into the basement. The N. side controllers will include a rooftop controller ... but I was thinking it would be nice to not have to connect the north and south controllers with a long wire, but maybe I'm being dumb here.

I was thinking it was be easiest to run one cable out to the N. controller (then chain to 2nd N. controller, then to 3rd N. rooftop controller) ... and then to run a second cable out to the S. controller (then chain to the 2nd S. controller).

So I'm thinking two RG45 cables from the computer to controllers, instead of the typical one.

** DO I need the USB485B to do this? **

I currently have the USB485 that came with the starter kit with the single USB option.

I just really didn't to drop a long line over the roof and down only the S. side if I didn't have to. Its likely to be snowy up there and its a long ways, but I'm sure it could be done no problem.

ADvise appreciated.



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I would say that yes you need the USB485B adapter. I did something similar to what your wanting to do last year. I had one Cat5 cable run to the controllers along the house then on to the mega tree. A second cable ran to a controller locate in the garage. Yes I have the USB485B adapter.

Also check out this tread http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum76/16635.html

In Johns post (the first one) he states they will be coming out with hardware that will allow other layouts rather than a straigh line.


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One of the options could specifically be this:


Of course, it costs more than the USB-485B does in the first place. I do not yet see any documentation for it, but I expect it needs a power source (controller) within 50 cable feet of one of the ports. In your case, that presumes that it can be powered from one of it's outgoing ports...

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