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Been reading comments here and on a couple of facebook groups --- wondering if using my home's flagpole to hoist up 8 strings of LOR CCB pixels (doubled in the center to be 50 up and 50 down thus making 16 strands of lights) might be too much for the flagpole to handle?

I also really have no good solution for hw to create a "hanger" for the top of the pole - which would ideally be pulled up the pole instead of the flag for the lighting season. My flagpole has an internal rope that comes out at the top with a weighted lop that goes around the pole and has the clips for the flag on it...so not sure how, if I could even get up there, I'd use a double pulley system as someone on FB suggested.


Maybe I should think about using those pixels in a different way if this tree seems too much to accomplish.

Your suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Do yourself a favor and if you do this use an old frying pan to make an affordable hook head.

My hook head broke the day after setup. I guess it just couldn't take the AL heat in storage and it was old 1" plastic with 64 strings of 100 LED's. A few hours later I reverted to the old way using the frying pan.

It took almost 4 days to untangle and sort through the strands, many were cut from the guy wires and had to be replaced. (maybe not had to but its what I did). 


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