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Want to add first pixels to existing setup - missing my Ah Ha moment

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So Ingot my first LOR 16 channel controller for this year and already thinking for next year. Plan to add RGB leaping arches and possibly RGB singing tree and pixel mini trees (plus sure more and more in years to come)   

Been doing my research and just haven't had my Ah Ha moment where this all makes sense. I am in IT, so sure cab figure out standalone pixel setup. Found bunch of diagrams, etc (e1.31 networks etc). 

One answer I can't find is how I incorporate my existing LEDs/LOR controller with new pixel props. Would really appreciate if anybody can point me in existing direction. 



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I come from a system and network background as well.  IP addresses were easy for me, DMX networking was originally a puzzle.   I think I still remember the big leap from a couple of years when I finally got the mapping of E1.31and Ethernet and IP.  I can try to help.

Ignoring for the moment how they are controlled.  First easy concept is that a single RGB pixel is the equivalent of 3 channels in the old universe.  In the S4 world you have to choose how you control your pixels.  One channel at a time (the old way) or via the Pixel Editor.  One of the hard leaps was getting Pixel Editor setup.  You will continue to edit old channels using the sequence editor and edit your pixels in the Pixel Editor.

If you haven't made the leap to PE yet I would recommend going straight to S5.  In S5 Pixels and classic LOR are controlled via the Sequencer.  It is much closer to an object oriented model.  You don't control channels so much as you control objects.  It just happens that most old props are single channel.

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