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I am looking at doing 4 half arches and if I can afford it a pixel tree

1st question is what is the difference between a CCR pixel mega tree http://www.holidaycoro.com/16-CCR-Pixel-MegaTree-p/814.htm  and  a a Quicktree mega pixel tree http://www.holidaycoro.com/9-5-Ft-Tall-Pixel-Node-MegaTree-Kit-p/815-180.htm . I have been watching many videos. I am not handy. I like to try but usually break things twice before I figure out what I did wrong and It usually takes me 10 times longer to understand easy things to do, but It feels great when it works.  

2nd question is what to buy? I have a 32 channel setup now nothing great and boring to me. All LOR bought during sales. 

3rd if I start with arches. Difference in arches between dumb and smart led's. I am thinking smart. Since LOR and others sell 50 led 16.4 feet ones. Do I cut them in half and try to solder them again to make smaller ones. Yard is small I have 2 large incandescent lights and it takes up most of the yard. 

4th question will be the pixel tree.

I am trying to do this one year away as it will take that long for me to understand

I am in Arizona, if anyone is in Arizona I will buy meals for hands on instructions and tutoring 

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1. Ccr is 16.9 ft.  Pixel tree is 9.5 ft. 

2.  What to buy depends on what you want to do.  My yard is almost all smart rgb..or pixels...with a few static and animated ac things that my LOR ac controllers trigger.  Smart pixel is my recommendation to anyone for the last 5 years.  Any color on each bulb anytime....strips excluded.  (Strips are 3 bulbs each pixel if you get the 12v version). Several choice for controllers if you want to go pixels....LOR, Sans devices or falcon.  But, I still use dc and ac LOR controllers .  My floods are controlled by LOR dc.

3.  My arches are dumb rgb.  But this is the last year for that...I will be creating new pixel strip arches this year.  The reason I am switching over is the number of cables required for dumb arches.  Right now my arches are 5 segments.  So with 2 arches I am using 10 cables...each arch is about 50 ft away from the controller.  So I am using 500 ft of cable for 2 arches.  And this year setup was in a huge downpour of rain.  It was a pain in the butt.  So with pixels it will be 2 cables.  Maybe 50 ft away if I don’t move the controller. But it will be faster setup.  I liked the look of my arches but I am hoping the strip pixels will look better.  

I recommend pixels due to ease of setup and ability to do more with that element.  

And to get the correct size, yes you can cut and solder.  Be aware though that most companies void the warranty once you cut.  Being in Phoenix you may not need to worry about water....but every cut needs to be siliconed over to protect the pixels.  Water will destroy the strip or string....sometimes by rust between seasons.

4. I am personally looking at the LOR 6ft pixel tree. Looks easy to assemble and store.  And in my yard it will be the perfect size. If your yard is small....a 17 ft tree might be too much.


Good luck.  Keep asking questions.  One year passes fast so keep going with your plans....don’t stop or pause and think you have time....



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So I have decided on doing an rgb matrix and arches. So here are the questions. Someone here locally did the clear from HC and he said in Arizona already fading and looks bad after 3 months so what should I look at instead?

2. I have a LOR setup. I am not that smart. Should I use LOR Software and if so which version should I buy or can I use xlights? Is it hard to get LOR to recognize xlights.  Starting early but need to as I will be slow

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Ok  same question. Going to try to do a pixel Matrix. I am really slow and I know I should buy my sequences, but not enough money, What LOR software should I upgrade to? easiest please? 

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5 hours ago, Helpusell said:

Ok  same question. Going to try to do a pixel Matrix. I am really slow and I know I should buy my sequences, but not enough money, What LOR software should I upgrade to? easiest please? 

S4 Pro would give you what you need. The pixel editor makes things easy for a matrix. S5 will be released soon which has all of the LOR programs combined and will be easy to sequence a matrix with.

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