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Some questions about Electrical connections and hardware


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Hello all,

I have been running two CTB16PC controllers (roughly 4500 lights), and 5 blowups on two 30 amp electrical circuits for about 4 years now and I would like to expand into CCR and Pixels. Below are some questions I have.

  1. Can I put my pixel controllers on the same electrical circuit as my CTB16PC controllers?
  2. Has anyone had problems with people taking/stealing the controllers? How do you secure them?
  3. What about rain and the controllers? I dont remember if the CTB16PC controllers box is waterproof?


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1-    It all depends on what type of lights you are using.  If you're using LED's on your CTB16PC you are probably ok.  It's all about the total Amps you are using.  If you haven't already, get a kilowatt meter and it will tell you how many amps you are pulling.  You want to try and keep the total # of Amps on a circuit at a max of about 80% of the breaker.  So if you're using a 30A breaker, try to keep the total # of amps under 24. (30*.8) 

2-   I haven't had any issues with tampering.  Some of my boxes are screwed to a piece of plywood, and others are hung on my Mega Tree pole. 

3-   The CTB16PC controller boxes can be placed in the rain as long as they are hung upright with the open holes on the bottom and the door closed.

There are several different types and kinds of pixels and power supplies.  Do some research to find what's best for you.  Keep in mind that the controllers and non-waterproof power supplies will need to be mounted in some sort of waterproof box.  Many of us on the forums use Cable Guard CG-1500 type boxes. 

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