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Channels coming on when they shouldn't


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Greetings all,

Not sure if this is a hardware of software issue but lean toward hardware. Basically some channels are coming on when they shouldn't.

Some background!

My display uses 7 LOR networks plus e1.31 for my pixels

I know this is overkill but it helps with the layout of my display, fault tolerance, and troubleshooting

REG is for the majority of my front yard

AUX A/B/C Networks are for my CCR tree

AUX D is for my side yard

AUX E is for my CF50D Cosmic Color Floods

AUX F is only for 3 controllers that control the multicolor lights on my leaping arches

I have 6 leaping arches. Each arch has 7 segments. Each segment is wrapped with separate strands of solid white and multicolor lights. The 42 channels for the white lights are on the REG network controller IDs 10/11/12/13. The 42 channels for the multicolor lights are on AUX F controller IDs 80-82.

Several years ago when I added the multicolor lights to the arches, I had them on the REG network but noticed that some were coming on when they shouldn’t and since I couldn’t figure it out, I just moved the channels for the multicolor lights to a separate network and it has been working as it should until now.

My issue now is that the last 3 channels of arch 5 and all of the channels on arch 6 (10 total), which are controlling the multicolor lights, are coming on correctly when they are supposed to but are also coming on when they shouldn’t! Most of the time that they come on incorrectly, it is when the white lights for those segments are on too.

To say this another way, If the sequence has all 42 of the white segments on, the last 10 segments will have the multicolor lights on too.

Interestingly, the 10 naughty channels are all on controller ID 82. The ONLY controllers that are on AUX F are for the multicolor channels of the leaping arches. There are no duplicate controller ID’s

Tomorrow, when I am back in town, I will reset the controller, but other than that, I’m at a loss for how the controller is being told to turn on channels that are for a different controller ID on a different network.

I welcome you input


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Well this is a little embarrassing!

You know that old saying " Can't see the forest for the trees"? Well it just bit me in the butt!

I got home today and reset the problem controller. It didn't do a thing.

I started watching the test sequence and noticed that there were times that just the naughty 10 channels were on and nothing else. I looked at the programming and didn't see a time where that was true. As a matter of fact, when they were on, all the other multicolor channels were supposed to be on too!

It turns out that controllers 80 & 81 were not powered. The GFI for that extension cord had tripped. Once I reset it, all was well!

So I guess I owe an apology to controller 82. It had the nice channels not the naughty ones.

I hope my "faux pas" will help others think about their troubleshooting issues!

All the best and Merry Christmas,



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