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pixel tree show to fast

Randy Martin

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I have S4, latest version of pro, and no SS

Problem is when my one show plays, the music is right on tempo but my pixels are way to fast on the tree where you really cant even tell whats happening.

I think it  looks like when I turned it into a intensity file is where it changed.


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yes when I turned it in to a mp3 song that's when I changed it to 128 bit rate.

the first time I sequenced the song the pixels were  way to slow but music was right.

re sequenced the song and made sure everything was the same and now the music is right again but the pixels are way to fast.

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As Dennis said, Not just 128kbs but constant bit rate too, not variable bit rate. Most use Audacity, a free audio editor to do this, but if you have your own favorite, that's fine.

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