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Comm 1 Error On Mac Parrallels


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So I thought I"d try something new this year, and bought Parallels for Mac.  I installed Windows 7 pro and the same version of LOR that's on my PC.  However, when I opened the Hardware Utility, I was greeted with a Comm 1 error, despite having the LightLinker plugged into my USB. 

I'm mildly annoyed and disappointed.  Any suggestions?

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Hmmm mine is on port 3.  I think there is a generic PC serial driver I needed to download when I moved to Windows 7 that Parallels doesn't have.

Let me go look.

I've run my LOR display (96 channels) on a Mac for 11 years.  The last 2 under Parallels instead of via Boot Camp.


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Ah here it is.  It's the first link don the page for the USB to Serial driver-


That will get you this serial installer-


I got stuck on the com port and this fixed it.

You've probably resolved this by now but someone else later may find this useful.


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